Virgin Islands Hit by Oil Rain

Freaky meteorological report: Feb 2021 the Virgin Islands experience some very strange weather – Oil Rain. 

It was just after midnight that oil started raining down on residences on the island paradise of St Croix.  Soon the black watery mixture, which was sticky to touch, was covering roofs, pavements, gardens cars and even the residents themselves. The toxic rainwater even found itself into cisterns that collect rain for the islander’s daily use. 

At first it was a mystery why the tropical island had been hit by this strange weather, but it didn’t take long for residents to work out the source of this water – an oil refinery based on the island. 

The Limetree Bay Refinery had only just reopened after a decade a closure due to a series of alleged environmental violations. The oil rain was a consequence of an accident triggering the pressure release valve to open and release the oil vapour. 

Weeks later residents are still complaining of the damage the toxic rain caused.

“When it rains it doesn’t wash out. It’s in all the plants we have, avocado trees, and breadfruit trees, and fruit trees and regular household plants.”

Armando Muñoz, 59, St Croix resident  

Authorities continue to investigate. 

Virgin Islands Hit by Oil Rain
Limetree Bay Oil refinery: the source of the toxic oil rain

Source: Washington Post 

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