Weird Buildings

Gone are the days when bathroom toilet signs were just marked “male” and “female”, or “Ladies ” and “Gentlemen”. Now restaurants and bars are much more creative with the ways they signpost their restroom facilities. Below are The Freaky‘s top ten restroom signs.

We are used to watching buildings grow as they are built but sometimes buildings shrink.Watch this strange video of a skyscraper seemingly shrinking before your eyes. In Japan this Tokyo skyscraper  shrank in size from 460 feet tall down to nothing, in just a few months. The seemingly magic trick on the Grand Prince Hotel […]

This is one of the strangest hotel rooms in the world – an invisible treehouse. Located in a beautiful forest just south of the Arctic Circle this tree hotel is an incredible engineering marvel because to get this weird hotel to float in the forest the engineers had to first get the trees to talk […]

Meet the couple who have converted a nuclear missile site into a family home. The Freaky gets an exclusive tour.   The Midwest of the United States is infamous for its tornados and thunderstorms. So people’s homes here have to be built tough to ensure a good night’s sleep but Ed and Diana Peden are a […]

Kangbashi in northern China is a ghost city. Towering apartment blocks are almost completely empty. Streets are deserted.Built in 2010 as a modern metropolis to house a million people it has everything except people.     Kangbashi has inspired a modern day fable about money. Cathedrals is a stunning 15 minute video directed by Konrad […]

  A bizarre skyscraper in London has turned into a dangerous “fryscaper” after it started melting cars. This week it was reported that a new building in the City of London known as the Walkie Talkie because of its unusual shape, has been reflecting the sun’s rays with such intensity that it has melted the […]

This bridge in Vietnam is one of its kind – it breathes fire! The Dragon Bridge is located in the Vietnamese city of Da Nagon and has as the name suggests is modelled on a dragon, a traditional Vietnamese symbol of good luck. It opened in March 2013 At night, the bridge, illuminated by more than […]