Weird Jobs

Kevin Schmidt has one of the freakiest jobs in the world. He changes lightbulbs on 1500 feet towers. Schmidt who hails from Rapid City USA, is a project manager at Sioux Falls Tower and Communications and when the bulbs at the top of an almost mile high TV mast need changing, it is Schmidt who […]

George Aldrich has one of the strangest jobs in the world – he sniffs everything that goes into space – including CDs and trainers. George Aldrich works for Nasa, and at their White Sands Test facility his nose reigns supreme – he is their chief sniffer. “What makes me important to NASA is that I […]

The blood of the horseshoe crab is worth more per weight than gold. The Freaky meets the people who bleed crabs for a living. Beaufort Beach, South Carolina. Fisherman Jerry Galt is a man on a time-critical mission. He has just 2 hours to find something that’s been lurking beneath these waters for hundreds of […]

Marc Summers and David Chambers have a very weird job – they build incredibly tall flagpoles for dictators. Summers and Chambers’s company Trident Support Corporation has cornered the market in the lucrative bizarre world of competitive despot flagpoles. It seems that if you are the leader of an authoritarian regime there is nothing that says […]