Weird Pig

This is one of the strangest looking animals we have ever seen.


weird news pig

This is a deformed pig recently born in China.

The poor piglet has a severe craniofacial deformity resulting in a misshapen eyes and snout and what looks like a penis growing on its forehead.

The piglet was one of 18 piglets and truly is the runt of the litter, as the other 17 were born healthy.

On average a sow only gives birth to 10-14 piglets. It’s possible that the size of the litter contributed to its deformities. A sow only has a limited amount of resources to develop its embryos. And so this strange piglet might be the result of nutrient deficiency.

It was rejected by its mother, and refused to be fed by the farmer Tao Lu, from a bottle.

Mercifully, the piglet died after only a couple of days.

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  1. Yes, piglets do move betewen the sows. Blackie had nine but then for a while one of Flipper’s piglets was routinely hanging out with this group and nursing. Then one of Blackies piglets and that piglet switched over to Flipper. They are both in the same section of pasture with their nests maybe 50 apart. As the piglets get larger they roam further. With litters I like to get a photo periodically of them which shows me how their doing over time but sometimes there won’t be all the piglets in a photo due to this switching around. Over sixty acres and with over 200 pigs I don’t catch photos of them all every week or even every month. Co-nursing is common and most of the sows are very good about it.

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