Wild Boars Destroy Albanian Cocaine Gang’s Drug Stash

Wild boars dug up and destroyed $22k worth of cocaine that a drug gang had hidden in an Italian forest. 

The bizarre incident came to light when Italian police wire tapped the Albanian drug gang’s phones and they heard them complaining about the loss of their drugs stash. 

The cocaine was hidden in a forest in the Valdichiana valley, Northern Italy.

The gang thought that hiding their cocaine in the forest was a clever way of evading detection by the police, but they didn’t count on the wild boars, who have a very acute sense of smell, finding it and digging it up. The boars ripped open the packages and scattered their white powdery contents over the surrounding countryside. 

Wild Boars Destroy Albanian Cocaine Gang’s Drug Stash

It’s not known whether the wild boars ingested the drug. There were no reports of boars on the rampage. The drug gang of 3 Albanians and one Italian have since been arrested by Italian police. 

Source:  Newsweek

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