Slug stuck in vagina

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A woman has been reported to have got a slug stuck in her vagina after pruning her roses.

This bizarre medical mishap comes courtesy of a doctor writing anonymously in Vice. The female doctor who goes by the pseudonym of Dr Mona Moore says of the bizarre incident:

I know this sounds like a lot of urban myths, but honestly she relayed her story to my colleague like this: She happened to be pruning her peonies in her silky nightdress around midnight when to her utmost horror she noticed one slug making its way up her inner thigh. The slippery bugger was just too nippy for her and before she knew what was happening it had resolutely lodged itself in her front bottom.

It’s not surprising really. Warm, moist and away from predators – a perfect sanctuary for a slug. Or so it thought. After finally going to A&E, at about three in the morning they admited her with stifled giggles. With her legs in stirrups, speculum inserted, the young doctor tried to tweezer its wily brown body out of its inner sanctum, but it recoiled further into the pink cavern probably curling around her cervix. Thinking outside the box, the doctor hoisted her legs up in their stirrups, effectively forming a bucket with her vagina, and filled her up with salt water and waited until the poor innocent creature died so they could pluck out its withered body.


Jan 2014

4 Replies to “Slug stuck in vagina”

  1. Nice i bet she had one nice slimy vagina
    I love slug slime.

  2. total bs………….

  3. Euwwwww!!!!! Gross!

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