Woman impales her nose on umbrella

A drunk woman suffered a bizarre accident when she fell off a hotel bed and impaled herself on an umbrella.

bizarre accident

Jessica Yates from Solihull, England was in a hotel room in Watford after a boozy girls night out when she fell off the bed onto the umbrella and one of the spokes sliced into her noses mouth and gum. She says that it didn’t hurt because she had drunk so much alcohol.

She was rushed to hospital with the umbrella hanging from her face. Doctors had to perform 2 operations to remove the 6 inch spike.

22 year old Jessica says of the accident.

‘I was a bit drunk and didn’t realise what had happened at first. Then as I got up off the floor the umbrella came with me, stuck to my face.I put my fingers to my nose and I could feel the metal sticking out.
The tip of the brolly had gone right into my nostril, through my face and into my mouth.
I touched my nose and there was blood all over my hand. It was horrible.
Luckily I’d drunk so much it didn’t really hurt at first but I couldn’t feel my face. It was a really freakish accident – and because I was drunk it didn’t really hurt until the next day.’

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