Stuffed poledancing hamster

Woman turns her pet hamster into a pole dancer

A British woman has paid a taxidermist £175 ($200) to turn her dead pet hamster into a hustling poledancing rodent, dressed in a bright pink thong, holding onto a stripper pole, surrounded by cash. 

Woman turns her pet hamster into a pole dancer

When a pet dies there are many ways to mark their passing but there cant be many people (almost certainly only one) who considered turning their dead hamster into a poledancing stripper an appropriate way of memorialisibg their death.  Jess Porter-Langson, a music merchandiser who lives in Brighton, is that one person.

Jess and her Roborovski dwarf hamster called Hammington were best of friends, so when he died after almost 3 years she wanted a “special” way of remembering him. 

Woman turns her pet hamster into a pole dancer
Jess Porter-Langson with her pet hamster Hammerton before he was transformed into a pole dancing rodent.

Jess says Hammington was her “emotional support hamster” during Covid lockdown. 

“I built him an enclosure out of recycled material and stuff,” says Jess. “It was my hobby. He ended up living a really long time. I only got the hamster because they live for one to two years and that’s all I could commit to. Hammy died on August 27 2023, just shy of three years after I got him. He passed away in his sleep just of old age. A good way to go. Not like flying into a blender or something like some people’s hamsters. He was a really big part of my formative life, especially after moving to London. He really was an emotional support hamster, which is crazy to say. This hamster was so iconic and all of my friends knew Hammy and wanted to see him. He needed something special.”

“I don’t even know where the stripping hamster thing came from but I thought, what is more iconic than a hamster on a stripper pole hustling for money?” 

Having come up with the idea, Jess then had to find someone to turn it into reality. Step forward, taxidermy artist Bea Ostrowska.

Bea says: “It was such a pleasure meeting Jess and helping her to immortalise Hammy. His little pink thong was a bit of a different project than my usual horror creations but this along with the fact that he was a beloved pet made it even more special.”

Woman turns her pet hamster into a pole dancer

Jess was delighted by the ‘perfect’ creation, and her poledancing rodent Hammerton the stripper, now lives next to her bed in Brighton, to ‘watch over’ her. 







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