Woman with 10 stone legs

The strange case of the woman with 10 stone legs.

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It is not uncommon for people to blame their weight gain on glandular problems. But what if the opposite was true? Imagine a scenario where even your own doctors refuse to believe that you are truly experiencing a troubling medical condition. You might even start to doubt yourself in those conditions, considering the overwhelming professional consensus.

Let’s take a look at the strange case of British woman Claire Tickle, and her unusual medical condition. Claire’s symptoms first started back when she was 32 years of age, and she noticed that her legs were simply getting thicker. She assumed, like most of us would, that she was packing on the pounds, and a simple diet would solve the issue. Sadly, the diet did nothing more than slim the rest of her body, leaving her constantly bloating legs to continue their troublesome trend. Seeking medical attention did little to ease her suffering, as doctors mirrored each other in telling her that she was simply fat.

This can be a cautionary tale for sticking to your guns, and never taking no for an answer. Mrs. Tickle knew that there was something more to her ailment, as the pain seemed to increase as much as the swelling. Her buttocks, thighs and legs started to affect her walking, and self esteem. Discomfort aside, her ability to work and play with her child was forever compromised.

Claire Tickle was finally diagnosed with Lipoedema, a strange medical condition, that  causes a massive build-up of fatty tissue on the lower extremities. Strangely, the ankles and feet remain unchanged, as they are marked by a ring of fat, which separates them from the affected leg.

To visualize the damage, one must envision a common practice among schoolchildren everywhere: the act of tying a rubber band around your finger, and watching it swell and become increasingly unpleasant as the blood flow is lessened. Multiply that tenfold, and you can start to get an impression of the suffering that she experienced. Nobody knows what causes this unfortunate condition, but the most likely culprit is genetic in nature, inherited from the parents. It is believed to be enhanced and activated by androgen hormones during puberty. Adolescents beware, as pimples and cracking voices are not the worst things that could happen during those awkward years.

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As is the case with many genetic conditions, they are often incurable, yet treatable. The procedure called tumescent liposuction is the only one that has generated consistent positive results, yet Claire may not be eligible for this treatment until she sheds her “normal” extra weight. She hopes that the procedure will drastically improve her quality of life, and make her a bigger part of her son’s development.


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