World’s Fattest Man Lives in London

An Englishman has become the world’s fattest man. The dubious title is now held by Keith Martin who weighs a staggering 58 stone (368 kilos). Martin, 42, lives in Harlesden, North London  and is so fat that he is confined to his bed.

World's Fattest Man Lives in London

Mr Martin has won the dubious crown of world’s fattest man after the previous holder 90 stone mexican Manuel Uribe went on a crash diet and now tops the scales at a svelte 31 stone.

Keith Martin’s huge weight and the associated medical problems means that 18 poeple are needed to look after him. With 8 men needed to hoist him from his bed. The only time Martin has left his bed in the past 10 years is to visit the local hospital.

Martin eats 8 hotdogs for breakfast and his massive weight is slowly killing him as it is putting huge pressure on his heart and other internal organs. Doctors says he would need to lose half his weight before he could be treated with a gastric band.


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  1. Ummm quit feeding him 8 hot dogs for breakfast for crying out loud. My apologies but how in the world can you not put a fat bed ridden person on a diet. My guess is his mother did this.

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