World’s Ugliest Fish?

worlds ugliest fish

This is the Blobfish, surely the world’s ugliest looking fish. It lives deep down in the oceanic waters off Australia and spends its days floating around waiting for food to pass by its mouth.

In fact there is a very good reason for their miserable looking appearance. The Blobfish’s gelatinous gloopy flesh is a brilliant adaptation to the extremely high pressures they experience deep underwater, allowing them to remain buoyant at depths where traditional fish bladders full of gas would not be able to work.

Although Inedible they are threatened with extinction due to increasing level of deep-see fishing for crabs and lobsters. Blobfish (scientific name: Psychrolutes marcidus) might no be as cute and cuddly as the Panda but The Freaky celebrates diversity and freakishness and the world and without Blobfish. would be a less interesting place if they were fished into extinction.

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  1. Wow – that really is one ugly fish!

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