The latest freaky sex aid is Foria, a cannabis oil infused lube.  Foria, according to their website, is a mixture of coconut oi and purified medical-grade cannabis oil  designed for female pleasure. The manufacturers say it should be applied directly to the clitoris, labia or inside the vagina 30 minutes before arousal. They say that […]

  After a hard day jumping around and catching flies this frog decided to rest his frog legs and take a taxi cab home by riding on a fish!   This bizarre photo was taken by pensioner Andree Siwadi, 70, from Bournemouth, England who discovered the lazy frog in her garden pond. She said that despite […]

Scientists have successfully grown a vagina in a lab and implanted it into a teenager, it was revealed yesterday.   The girl was born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome, a rare genetic condition in which the vagina and uterus are underdeveloped or absent. Scientists at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine, in […]

This freaky orchid looks like the cartoon character Shrek. It is a bee orchid called Ophrys Apifera and can be found in certain parts of Europe. Its bizarre look is believed to attract bees. It is not known if the bees are fans of the Dreamworks cartoon Shrek.

The Freaky love these x-rated trees.   Photo credit: IFuckingLoveScience

These are the Gippsland Lakes in Queensland, Australia and the man in the water has turned into a human glow stick thanks to a chemical reaction called bioluminescence, which happens whenever a naturally-occurring algae in the water is disturbed. During 2006 forest fires dumped large amounts of nutrients into the lakes triggering the rare algae […]

It looks like something from the movie “Avatar”: ocean waters that light up like neon glow sticks when they splash. Beaches across southern California have recently been alight with these freaky eerie, glowing waves. This beautiful, strange, otherworldly phenomenon is caused by bioluminescent phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyedrum. This massive red tide, or algae bloom of microorganisms […]

This amazing fruit fly has evolved so that it has what looks like images of ants tattooed on its wings. Recently spotted by the New York Times, the the fruit fly G tridensfly has an ant design on their transparent wings that resembles an ant, or depending on their position, spiders. Other flies in its family of […]

This is a lichen crab spider, Latin name Philodromus margaritatus and gets its name because it blends into lichen on tree trunks. It is very rare – only 41 have ever been found in Britain – this one was only discovered this week in the South of England. With its scary-looking face the spider it looks like […]

This is the Blobfish, surely the world’s ugliest looking fish. It lives deep down in the oceanic waters off Australia and spends its days floating around waiting for food to pass by its mouth. In fact there is a very good reason for their miserable looking appearance. The Blobfish’s gelatinous gloopy flesh is a brilliant […]

    The Freaky loves these bizarre photos of squashed faces. They are the work of photographer Rut Mackel. Rut achieves these strikingly strange photos by getting her subjects to press their faces against a pane of glass. She says the photos explore the ugliness and beauty that exist in all of us. ‘By drastically […]

A huge wasps nest measuring 22 feet long (7 meters) has been discovered in an abandoned house on the Spanish island of Tenerife. Police were called to the house in San Sebastián de la Gomera, in the Canary Islands by concerned neighbours and found the enormous nest, containing millions of wasps, in the hallway, according […]

A two headed pig was born in China this week, according to news reports. The deformed pig born in China’s Jiangxi Province and has two snouts two ears and a shared eye. A local vet says the pigs chances of reaching adulthood are rare, but its owner has agreed not to send it to the […]

The Freaky loves these freaky spiders. Called Peacock Spiders (grown up, scientific name is Maratus Volans) they are very very small. The adults are only 5mm, meaning you could fit ten on a fingernail. But what they lack in size, they make up for in their incredible colourful stomachs, which the males use to attract […]

Deep below New York’s Grand Central Terminal, is something so important that at one time it was guarded 24 hours a day in case of attack by Nazi agents. Even today its location is Top Secret.   The Freaky is given an exclusive tour. Grand Central Terminal is the world’s largest train station. A train […]

Vehicles – like people – come in all shapes and sizes. For instance – this beast…..the Peel P50.     Born in a small factory on Britain’s tiny Isle of Man in 1962, this is officially the smallest street legal car in the world at just 54 inches long and 41 inches wide. After a break […]

Meet Annie Hawkins-Turner, who has the biggest natural breasts in the world. Annie’s 102ZZZ breasts weigh a staggering 8 stone. Annie, from Atlanta, Georgia, says her huge breasts came as a surprise because her mum’s breasts weren’t particularly big. “I didn’t know I was different until I’d gone into the classroom and couldn’t sit at […]

An elephant has learnt to speak Korean. The Asian elephant, called Koshik, lives at the Everland Zoo in South Korea and can imitate human speech that can be easily understood by people who know the language. Koshik’s vocabulary only exists of 5 words at the moment but the elephant’s language skills may provide vital insight […]

  Across the world people have been taking photographs of bizarre columns of light the sky. Are these beams of light from extraterrestrial spaceships? They might look like beams from a UFO but this is a bizarre natural phenomenon known as Light Pillars. Light pillars look like thin columns of light they are prominently visible […]

Would you like to live forever? Well if you are a special type of jellyfish you could. Turritopsis nutricula, is the only animal known to be potentially immortal. Turritopsis is a jellyfish-like hydrazoan, with some very strange life skills. It starts life as a stalk like polyp then when it reaches sexual maturity it is […]

Residents of an English village were shocked to find not rain falling from the sky yesterday but seaweed.  In a bizarre freak weather incident  Berkeley in Gloucestershire was covered in the smelly brown algae after a storm. Its though that a twister swept up the seaweed from a beach 20 miles away and then dumped […]

Watch this amazing video of a childrens toy appearing to defy the laws of gravity.   Although the bottom of the slinky appears to hover in space and defy gravity, the laws of physics are not actually being violated. In fact the stretch of the spring exerts an upward force on the lower weight. Before […]

A bizarre bird has been born in the US with two heads and three beaks. The baby female Cardinal was discovered this week by Northampton Massachusetts resident April Britt. She says she heard squawking in her garden and went to investigate only to discuver teh very and feraky looking bird. “I’ve never seen anything like that before.” says Britt, […]

Purple crabs have been discovered in the Phillipines. The crabs purple colour is to attract mates, according to the zoologist who discovered them. “It is known that crabs can discriminate colours,” says study author Dr. Hendrik Freitag of the Senckenberg Natural History Collections in Dresden “Therefore, it seems likely that the coloration has a signal function for […]

Two headed animals. Bizarre photos. After the birth of a two headed pig this month with two noses, two mouths but only one ear and one eye on each of its two heads, we thought we would round up some bizarre pictures of other two headed animals. Having two heads is a medical condition known […]

Hailing from China’s central Anhui province and born in July 2011 without its two hind legs, this odd two-legged wonder pig is causing a stir online due to its strange walking technique. Nicknamed “Strong Pig” it has learned to balance its over 66 pounds of pork on its two front legs and wobble around. It’s not […]

The net is full of weird photoshop pictures but here are some of the best. Respect to the time, skill and imagination of the unknown artists. (If you know who made any of them, please let us know.)    

Cats Fred and Ned are no ordinary cats – they are polydactyl cats. While most cats have 18 toes, Fred has an extra 10 digits and Ned has eight. The four-month-old kittens are currently being looked after by Cats Protection in Gosport, Hampshire. Branch volunteer Kate Stapleford said: ‘These two kittens were in poor condition […]

  Incredibly this Chinese man can balance his whole body on a nail. 47-year-old stuntman Li Xin has been practising the stunt for more than 20 years. He can hold the pose with his legs up against a bar for more than 10 seconds – far longer than most people would be able to do a […]

Salmon usually travel upstream, but recent floods led to an astonishing sight where a handful of fish were forced to swim up an American street. Heavy rains in Mason County, Washington caused water levels to rise by around two inches across Oregon. When that happens the salmon go wherever the rivers are flowing, Several intrepid […]